• Sugar Free Summer Picks

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    Fruit Bars

    Frozen Yogurt

    Veggie Sticks

    Ice Popsicles

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    an awareness campaign to help you eat healthy this Summer!

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  • June 18 Heart

    Rise Bakery

    Image Grain-Free Carrot Cake About Rise Bakery Rise Bakery provides a one-of-a-kind gluten-free experience with an expansive menu of baked goods. What sets us apart from other gluten-free bakeries is that we are here to expand allergen-free options for specialty diets without sacrificing taste, texture, or richness. We craft all of our pastries by hand in small batches using premium ingredients. As DC’s only gluten-free bakery, our knowledgeable staff offers a welcoming environment in which you can dine worry-free.

    We are actively wholesaling our breads, bagels and sweets to local markets and cafes as we continue to pursue our goal of making living gluten-free in DC a breeze.

    Let's bake!


  • June 20 Heart

    Bayou Bakery

    One of our AWESOME partners

    Bayou Bakery opened in 2010, Guas serves up down-home goodness daily at his neighborhood eatery, a nostalgic tribute to his hometown in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia.