All of Our Recent Activities

Image -Taste Test -Concerts -Bakes Sales -Promoting -Campaigns to end childhood obesity -Products (i.e shirts) -Videos on Youtube & Vimeo -Supporting healthy choices for others to make

Company Focus

  1. -Promote our business to get noticed and sponsered so people can get to know what we are about. To let people know what we are trying to accomplish

  2. -Create fundraisers such as bakes sales; sell products like our company shirts to help promote messages about a healthy lifestyle.

  3. -Help decrease the number of children who are obese. Let people know that there are other healthier choices and let our brand be known that we can supoort!

Latest Updates
-We won the MsCclass Keep It Up Challenge
-We are moving to a new location
-New songs will soon be released
-More bake sales to come
-Shirts are shipping in
Company Accomplishments
-Bake sales with concert
-Concert helping out school testing
-More than 5,000 views on youtube
-Company selling shirts
-Make videos promoting healthier snacks